15 questions to ask the builder when considering buying a brand new home... - Brian Petersheim

15 questions to ask the builder when considering buying a brand new home…















Brian Petersheim- Realtor Homesmart Success- Maricopa Home Specialist (602.206.9644)

The very 1st thing to know about visiting a builders models with no agent is that the nice employee that offers you a water works for the builder. He/She has a fiduciary duty to DR Horton,Meritage,Starlight Homes and the rest. No one currently in the building has a fiduciary duty to YOU.

That’s the easy part though! When you are BUYING a house, you don’t pay any Realtor commissions, the seller/builder does. Call or text Brian Petersheim (602)206-9644 and we will tour the new builds and spec homes!

Here are the 15 questions to ask the builder’s representative:

Question 1: Are you public or private?


For those builders that are public, bonus checks are often written based on the number of homes they close each quarter. Public builders have been known to close homes before they are complete or with many uncompleted walk through items just so they can make their quarterly numbers and secure lucrative bonuses.

Question 2: Who will be performing the final walkthrough on our home before we move in?

One easy way for a builder to save money is to cut back on customer care staff. Instead, they let the construction department take care of the final walk through and/or any issues you may have once you have moved in. Why does that matter? The project manager who built your home has a natural bias when reporting walk through items. Any mistakes or shoddy work would be his own. Would he willingly report everything with 100% transparency? It’s a concept we call “the fox guarding the hen house.”

Question 3: Can I track my warranty request items and see projected completion dates?

Once you submit a customer service request, wouldn’t it be nice to follow the progress of the repairs without making a phone call?

Question 4: Can I visit your Design Center before I buy?

We have yet to find any builder in town that will allow you to visit their design center unless you first buy their home. What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

Question 5: Can I design my home online with Envision?

When buying a new home, there’s nothing worse than going to a design center appointment unprepared.

Question 6: Do you have a sales manager?

Most home builders have a hierarchy of sales teams and managers similar to what you might experience when buying a car. The person you’re talking to often has to pass details by a sales manager for approval. Having a sales manager is just another layer of red tape that slows down the process, making it hard for you to get the answers you need. It simply isn’t necessary.

Question 7: How long have you worked for your builder?

It’s not uncommon to meet sales professionals who have been with the company for just a couple of years. Many are constantly searching for a better company offering more flexible terms or working conditions.

Question 8: How do I keep track of all my documents?

The buying and building of a new home is sometimes confusing. It contains mounds of paperwork, many appointments, deadlines and meetings. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Question 9: Does your builder support local charities?

While other builders may support charities, you might wonder to what extent and where those charities are located. In fact, you may never really know.

Question 10: Do you back roll your exterior paint?

Most builders spray a wafer thin application, barely covering the stucco. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see the gray stucco still showing in the stucco voids of their homes.

Question 11: How can I find your communities that are 5 to 10 years old?

When it comes to resale value, many factors come into play. For example, is the community jam packed with lots? Take a look at the community amenities like aquatic centers, water features, parks, landscaping, schools and community pools. These all have a tremendous impact the future value of your new home.

Question 12: Can you explain your internal inspection policy to me?

Following building codes during the construction process of your new home is the bare minimum required by law.

Question 13: What features are included in the base price of your home?

Standard features vs. optional features included in your new home can add up to thousands of dollars in extra cost.

Question 14: Who is your biggest competitor?

When you ask this question, if you sense any hesitation, it’s because they don’t want you to know where else to look for a new home. They’re too afraid of losing your business.

Question 15: Are your homes Energy Star and Indoor airPLUS certified?

These days, it’s not uncommon for builders to be Energy Star certified. And we all know how important energy efficient homes are. But few pay attention to Indoor airPLUS and why it’s important. Why? Think about it. What builder wants to deal with yet another set of pesky Federal standards and regulations when they can save the money and headache? We do!
And there are many more questions I will ask on your behalf, whether it be extra discounts, free upgrades, lot premium discount, and many more!
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope it helps. Please call me for a new home tour. I can take you to the best deals in an afternoon!