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There are best deals to be found in the housing market in Maricopa, Arizona. Start Now!

Offering The Best DealsHas your mind started wondering about the mild climate in the winter, or the best deal in a money making Arizona investment property?

When someone calls me and asks about my best deals, my immediate response is to ask them some very specific questions. As of TODAY, there are 33,234 homes for sale just in the Phoenix metro area. Please keep in mind that the Phoenix area is made up of the city of Phoenix plus Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and about 5 smaller cities!

The 1st question I ask is if they know a geographical area they are interested in. Many prospective buyers have a friend or even a friend of a friend that told them that XXXXXX is a nice area! Some even say that their friend says that they should stay away from XXXXXXX.

Narrowing down to several cities makes it much more manageable to find the best deals. I also like to know the purpose of buying… Full time resident? Winter visitor? Rental income?

“Being a first time home buyer, single with no help, I needed someone to make buying a home as simple as possible. Brian was very patient, answered my many questions, and gathered information for me that would be pertinent in buying a home. He did a fantastic job on negotiating closing terms, price, and got me the price I wanted in the area I wanted. I am now in a home that most people dream of. My experience with Brian was as positive as it can get with purchasing a home.”

Testimonial from James A

I like to find out the size of their current home. If they currently live in palatial mansion, a small condo may not fit the bill. If they have a mansion, they may want to live in a gated community, or focus on homes with granite kitchen counters, or pool properties!

A best deal is only that….. “if it surpasses my buyer’s expectations!” If my buyer has heard that Paradise Valley is a great area, but they want to spend under $150,000 I need to know that. (By the way, Paradise Valley is the most opulent city in the Phoenix Metro area.  Homeowners looking in that part of town can expect the best deals when expectations are realistic.  For example, homeowners in that specific area are movie stars, pro athletes, entertainment icons and Fortune 500 CEOs, so expect a relative price-tag! Homes there average $1,000,000 and some up to $20,000,000.


Another question I ask is timeframe. If my buyer plans to move into the home in a month, the best deal for them is probably a foreclosure or a resale. With a month time frame, a short sale would be a headache for the buyer, and would likely cause disappointment.

If you tell me Who, What, Where, When and Why (and a price range) I will tell you where the best deals are! Call or text me now! (602)206-9644