Aerial Photos, Virtual Tours and Professional Photos

Maricopa Realty Drones Aerial video, virtual tours and professional photos will help your home sell faster, with more showings and net a higher price.

Maricopa Realty Drones are here! Today’s home buyers are more tech savvy and aware with their buying options than ever before. Prospective buyers are able to research prices, browse listings, and investigate other important factors before even making the first call to a real estate agent. Professional photography and video can make the difference between your home getting a showing or getting skipped.

Maricopa Realty Drones



Years ago, a cheap digital camera, or a Real Estate agent’s cell phone camera were common when picturing a property, but YOUR property deserves every edge possible to get the most showings and a higher offer.

It’s increasingly likely that buyers will look for aerial photography and virtual tours to help them make their buying decisions. Just like professional ground-level photos of the home and property, and like the video aerial tour that really gives that first-hand feel, aerial shots are something buyers like when evaluating properties.

In addition to the aerials of the property, for homes that have community amenities like lakes, sporting courts, a club house, or golf course professional photos (or aerials)should be added to the listing also. If nothing else, when a prospective buyer is scrolling through the pictures, they will want to know more about the house and area.



Aerial video

  • Provides a Bird’s eye view of the lot, outdoor upgrades and amenities.
  • Allows buyers to see the home lot topography in 1 picture
  • Differentiates your home/listing- very few agents offer this service “Out Market the competition”
  • Highlights property features
  • The aerial will be on you tube and can be shared with friends and family
Virtual Tour

  • Allows the buyer to see the flow of a floorplan
  • Differentiates your listing.
  • Allows focus on the positives of the floorplan
  • The virtual tour is “Open 24 hours a day”
  • Virtual tour can be shared via email

Professional photographs

  • Professional lighting to accentuate the home
  • Real estate photographers know how to make even an empty room look spacious
  • Professional photographs will set your listing above and beyond the average listings with generic digital camera photos
  • A professional exterior photo will stand out on a full page of home listings

People enjoy looking at aerial content because it gives them a new perspective. That helps them feel good about their choice to pursue a property. Plus, they take you seriously when you take marketing your property seriously using quality material.

There are many advantages to professionally-shot aerial photos and videos that can help you set your home apart from the competition.

When you’re ready to take marketing your home to the next level, contact a reputable real estate agency to get started. Professionally shot aerial photos and videos can really make the difference for a prospective buyer when they make the list of “must-see” listings.

I offer these with my listings AT NO EXTRA COST to you!