Maricopa- The rent is how much??? - Brian Petersheim

Maricopa- The rent is how much???


I thought this would be a simple subject. I figured at 45 years old, I should finally learn how to do a graph in Microsoft word.

After 100 oz. of Diet Dr. Pepper, 2 episodes of Forensic files, 2 episodes of Lockdown, I think it is time to post the results.

Please keep in mind that these are AVERAGES. When you start to compare the average rent with 15 homes to the average of 3 homes, the numbers can be skewed. That being said, what I thought would be a graph of the average rent, turned into many graphs that answer questions that many real estate buyers and land lords ask.


Not only will be be graphing average rent, we’ll also graph rent N vs. S of the tracks, Rent with washer/dryer and rent by subdivision.

1st step before compiling data was to remove Maricopa vacation and furnished rentals.

As of today there are 77 Maricopa rentals that are “regular rentals” The average price of these 77 available rentals is $1073 per month.

Here is the graphic: please click picture for a larger view

average rental




Pool vs no pool! The definitions are rentals with a private pool OR community pool, and rentals with NO private pool OR community pool

Average W/Pool: $1197            Average W/No pool: $1018


Next up is the Rental price of North vs. South of the tracks. Disclaimer: There are about 5x as many rentals North of the tracks, because there are 5x the number of homes!

Average North: $1091

Average South: $1025







What about all appliances? I cant afford a washer and dryer.

Thanks for asking:

Rent with NO washer,dryer or fridge: $1028

Rent WITH washer and dryer:$1078

Rent WITH washer,dryer and fridge: $1096


Which subdivisions have the most active rentals? How about the least?

number of rentals





How many homes are there to rent for $1,000? The answer is 12. See the prices below!






And for my final trick, how about price of rental vs. subdivision? This is where the number of rentals can skew the averages.

rent by subdivision






As always, thanks for reading, Please share with anyone that may just want to know! Think of Real estate? Think of me.








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