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Maricopa, HOAs and Free cable tv

The bitterness between the home owners and Orbitel over long term commitments has been around longer than some of the Maricopa homeowners. Unfortunately, it is built in to many of the HOA fees, so the homeowner can either use Orbitel and save a few bucks or just go with another company and call it cost of doing business.

If you own/rent a home in one of these subdivisions:

  • Acacia Crossings,
  • Cobblestone,
  • Desert Passage,
  • Glennwilde,
  • Maricopa Meadows,
  • Palo Brea,
  • Province,
  • Rancho El Dorado,
  • Rancho Mirage,
  • Senita,
  • Tortosa
  • Villages- Rancho

Then you have the right to receive free BASIC cable! Yay!

Yeah, if you like watching TV, basic cable kind of sucks, but it is free! Each of the listed HOAs pays a different amount to Orbitel based on contract price/date/deal etc.. but they all will receive the basic package.

Please note that basic package is no cable box, no dvr and the following channels: Well, it is aptly named “basic”.


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According to Orbitel, if the owner/tenant wanted a DVR they would be required to buy the next level of channels. They would be charged for each DVR and $41.95 for the next package (but the basic package would say $0.00 on the Orbitel bill)

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by the way, I did ask the question if the owner chose to not to use Orbitel for cable, what about internet? I was told that the tenant/owner would be given a $10 per month credit toward their internet bill.

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